Welcome to The Fourth International Conference On Genetic and Evolutionary Computing 2010

Invited Session on Innovations in Computation and Application

The Fourth International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary
Computing (ICGEC-2010)
December 13-15, 2010, Shenzhen, China.
Session Organizers: Professor Huey-Ming Lee and Dr. Lily Lin

Within the scope of this session, areas of interest include, but are not limited to
- Artificial Intelligence,
- Decision Making,
- Distributed Networks,
- Fuzzy Reasoning,
- Genetic Algorithms,
- Information and Computer Technologies,
- Information Security,
- Learning and Adaptive Systems,
- Management,
- Socio-economics,
- Transportation Systems,

Professor Huey-Ming Lee
Department of Information Management
Chinese Culture University
55, Hwa-Kung Road, Yang-Ming-San
Taipei 11114, Taiwan
Tel: +886-937-893-845
Fax: +886-2-2777-4723
Email: hmlee@faculty.edu.tw
URL : http://staff.pccu.edu.tw/~hmlee

Dr. Lily Lin
Department of International Business
China University of Technology
56, Sec.3, Hsing-Lung Road
Taipei, Taiwan
Email: lily@cute.edu.tw

Paper Submission
Papers are invited from prospective authors with interest on the related areas. Each
paper should follow the IEEE paper format (DOC, LaTex Formatting Macros, PDF)
with title, authors' names, affiliations and email addresses, an up to 150-words
abstract, and a two-column body with 4 single-spaced pages and with font size at 10
pts. All papers must be submitted electronically in PDF format only.
Manuscripts should be directly submitted to the Professor Huey-Ming Lee via email
Please refer to http://bit.kuas.edu.tw/~icgec10 or http://iiirc.hitsz.edu.cn/ICGEC2010
for further information regarding ICGEC-2010.

Important Dates
Submission May 31, 2010
Notification of acceptance July 31, 2010
Final manuscript submission August 31, 2010

Download Call For Paper Document (PDF)