Hotel Introduction

Vienna Hotel (Shenzhen University City) is a standard construction in accordance with international five-star business boutique hotel; It is the 52nd store of Vienna Group .Hotels is located in Shenzhen University City, the science and education bas. It is adjacent to the Shenzhen Safari Park, Kylin Villa, close to the Metro Line No. 5 University City exit. It takes just 20 minutes to the Futian, Shenzhen International Airport and the Shekou wharf. The traffic is very convenient. You could take business meetings, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment at the same time.


The hotel, with European style design, has all kinds of luxurious rooms and suites with a total of 266. It attaches hundred village health food cafe, business center, multi-functional conference hall and other facilities. The luxury, comfort, safety, food, environmental protection, operating characteristics let it sightly from the same off-star hotel. Idea of “the five-star experience, the second-star spending” really makes you spend less but with honor, beyond your expectation.


Guest rooms

The hotel has 266 rooms, elegantly furnished rooms a warm, special Sweet Sleeper Bed, aiding sleep music, more so shower room into an elegant living in Vienna, fashion, "free private sharing" shower of the Kingdom, free broadband Internet allows you to experience the surfing pleasure.



The hotel has several function rooms, offers the most advanced audio, video and communications equipment for you, combined with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, facilities, and on-site business strong support for the center, making it ideal for holding meetings.


Longlife delicious food Restaurant

Located in the lobby on the right, melodious piano swing between being the sun, flowers and vegetation around the restaurant, and then with pure wave and more wine, coffee, tempting cuisine and fine silver tableware, sidewalks in diastolic forward to your every nerve, filled with no words of tenderness, the price affordable is the restaurant of choice for mass consumption, can hold a variety of small private gatherings, salon, business meetings, cocktail parties, Western-style barbecue, public relations activities, theme the best place.


Business center and other services

Business Center is located at the first floor of lobby to supply fax, copy, typing, post, air ticket booking. It could touch with the travel line of Hong Kong and Macao, Guilin Landscape Tour, and other 100 for you to choose tour routes.


Tourist Attractions

1、             The Shenzhen Safari Park

Shenzhen Safari Park is China's first return to basics, open zoo, exotic and beautiful animals at the park, elegant and tranquil natural environment, is one of Shenzhen, a famous garden, walk 5 minutes, 3 minutes by car.

2、             Xili Lake Resort

Xili Lake Resort is located in the northwest of Shenzhen Xili Lake, mountain unicorn.

Kirin mountain resort to screen, Xili Lake as a mirror, beautiful scenery, and the genial breeze, the gift of nature's "natural oxygen bar", convenient transportation, walk 5 minutes, 3 minutes by car.

3、             Window of the World / Happy Valley / Fairview China / Folk Village

Located in the beautiful Bay of Shenzhen, located in Nanshan District, 15 minutes by car.

4、        size Meisha

Beach swimming, Yantian District, Sha Tau Kok, 30 minutes by car



Rainbow, shopping plaza, walk 10 minutes to 3 minutes by car

All music, shopping plaza, walk for 10 minutes, 3 minutes by car

Gome, walking 10 minutes, 3 minutes by car

Woman in the world, shopping, walking for 10 minutes, 3 minutes by car


Transport facilities

Baoan Center Bus Terminal, 20 minutes by car

Huanggang, 20 minutes by car

Convention and Exhibition Centre, 15 minutes by car

Baoan airport, 20 minutes by car


Bus, taxi

Bus line: (Shenzhen University, south door, opposite HIT)

49 Road, 81 Road, 43 Road, 36 Road, 36 Road range

Address: Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Ping Shan Ping Shan 1 Road

TEL 0755 — 26723888 Telephone TEL: 0755 - 26723888

FAX 0755 — 26723999 Fax FAX: 0755 - 26723999

Unified booking Tel: 400-888-2888

Online booking:

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University City Store Room:


Room Facilities

Market Price

Member price

Agreement price

Vienna Suite

1 room 1 room luxury bed 1.8 meters

318 318

280 280

258 258

Landscape Business Single Room

A luxury bed 1.8 meters

218 218

188 188

178 178

Landscape Business Double Room

2 single beds 1.2 m

218 218

188 188

178 178

Deluxe Single

A luxury bed 1.8 meters

198 198

168 168

158 158

Deluxe double room

2 single beds 1.2 m

198 198

168 168

158 158

Standard Single Room

A luxury bed 1.8 meters

168 168

148 148

138 138

Standard double room

2 single beds 1.2 m

168 168

148 148

138 138

Note: The above price included a breakfast, reservation Times DXC3333 can enjoy deal price